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If you are planning to get a new roof, you certainly have a lot of options to choose from. Metal roofs are among the popular options. However, even if you have narrowed down your choices, you still have to decide what type of metal roofing panel to choose. This article will highlight the top benefits of choosing standing seam metal roofs. 

Long Lasting and Durable

Obviously, you want a new roof that could last a long time. You want it to be durable enough to last 50 or more years. This is exactly what you’ll get with the standing seam metal roofs. It is also known as the “Lifetime Roof,” which speaks a lot about its durability. Weather damages often cause damage to other types of roofing materials. But, it’s a different case with metal roofs. Metal roofing is resistant to severe weather such as heaving rain, strong winds, and other types of harsh climates.

Curb Appeal

One of the reasons you might want to get a new roof is that your roof is already old and ugly. Of course, we all want our home to look its best. Homeowners take pride in the beauty of their homes inside and out. With a standing seam metal roof, your house could instantly look new. It will look appealing and modern, especially transitioning from shingles to standing seam metal. The straight lines you see on your new roof and the absence of fasteners will make it look clean and sleek.

Fire Safety

Another great point of a standing seam metal roof is that it is fire resistant. This type of roofing does not lead to fire when lightning strikes or other potential causes of fire from the outside. The standing seam metal roofs have a Class A fire rating. Which simply means that it can withstand exposure to fire. Though this could not prevent fire from happening from the inside, at the very least, it can protect from fire hazards from an outside source. This gives enough time for firefighters to arrive, leading to less damage to your property.

Less Maintenance

The fasteners are not exposed to the weather with a standing seam metal roof. This prevents washers and screws from easily getting loose. These concealed fasteners are the main reason this type of roofing requires less maintenance than other options. Expansion and contraction are common in metal roofs. This is the reason why some fasteners need re-tightening. However, this is not an issue with a standing seam metal roof. There is no need for homeowners to regularly check their roofs to ensure that fasteners are in place. 

With the value and benefits one could get from a standing seam metal roof, it is not surprising that it’s getting popular with many homeowners. Make sure that before you make your final decision, you do more research. The details mentioned above are just some things you need to know about the standing seam metal roof. Of course, ask questions to a professional roofing company to find out more.

Water Pooling and/or Leaks

If water accumulates on your roof and fails to drain over the course of 2-3 days, a slew of problems is unavoidable. Pooled water can cause shingles to rot and eventually seep into your home’s interior and damage your HVAC system. Water damage can create various issues, from mold growth to structural damage.   If you have found a leak, you need to call on a licensed roofing contractor for help.


If you have spotted an issue with your roof, you need to reach out to a professional roofing company. Roofs will not repair themselves, and a roofing problem left unrepaired only will get worse.