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Standing Seam Metal Roofing Systems

Standing seam metal roofs are one of the most expensive roofing systems available in the market. However, many commercial building owners prefer standing seam metal roofs for a few very specific reasons. Although this type of roofing system costs more, there are more benefits with this type of roof system compared to corrugated roofing systems.

Here are the top benefits of a standing seam metal roof:

  • Since there are no exposed seams, there are less leaks and maintenance issues.
  • Highly customizable with a large selection of colors available
  • Sleek panels give it a highly aesthetically pleasing look
  • Highly durable and can last for over 75 years
  • Very efficient as it reflects light and heat

Standing Seam Metal Roofing Installation

Keep in mind that while standing seam metal roofs require less maintenance, they will typically need to be repainted a few times during their lifespan. However, this roof type has grown more popular amongst many commercial building owners over the years.

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When it comes installing standing seam metal roofing systems, A.T Pioneer Roofing is your trusted local roofing experts in Corpus Christi. Business owner Adrian Trejo and his team have years of experience in the roofing industry and stand ready to serve you for all of your roofing needs. Contact us today to get a FREE estimate!