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Corpus Christi, Texas, is vulnerable to extreme weather like storms and hurricanes. Since you’ll never know what to expect, preparing is best. The hurricane season in Corpus Christi starts June 1st and ends November 30th. With this information, you can start preparations a month before the hurricane season begins. Below are some tips on preparing for hurricane season if you live in Corpus Christi.

Gathering Emergency Supplies

You need supplies to keep your family safe and healthy during a hurricane. Expect the worse to happen, like no electricity and the absence of a clean water source. All establishments are typically closed during the hurricane, so be sure you have enough food and water supplies to get you through a week without going to the grocery store. The destructive force of a hurricane could also damage your property and, worse, injure a family member. Be sure to have a medicine kit ready and fill any prescription ahead of time. Your home could become flooded, so be sure to secure any important documents in a waterproof container.

During The Hurricane Stay Informed

Stay tuned to updates and alerts from your local government. It is alright to rely on your internet connection. But, for emergency purposes, it’s best to have a radio when your internet connection is affected by the hurricane. Sign up for any hurricane alert that your community offers. You need to know when it’s time to evacuate, should it come to that. If you need to evacuate, do not waste time doing so. 

Plan For Evacuation

Do not be too confident that you will survive a hurricane in the comfort of your home. There is always a chance that you must evacuate, and you must be ready for this. Be sure you know the evacuation routes and shelter locations set up by your local government. Keep this information in an area in your home which you can easily access and remember. 

Since you will need your car for the evacuation, ensure that the gas tank is at least half-full at all times. During the hurricane season, do not go home with your car almost out of gas. You can place a few emergency supplies in your car, like bottled water, blankets, some clothes, and food. 

Another thing to prepare is a “go bag.”  Everyone in your family should have a go bag ready to pick up when an evacuation is needed.

When the local emergency unit gives an evacuation alert, time is of the essence. Grab everything you have prepared and use the emergency route going to the shelter.

Get Your Home Ready


Clear your yard or garden of anything that could go flying in a strong wind. Trim large trees in your area. Secure windows and doors. You can use storm shutters or pieces of plywood for this purpose. Doing all these prevents any potential damage to your property.

When you experience a hurricane in Corpus Christi, keep calm. This is why it is necessary to prepare so you won’t easily panic. Stay tuned in for any updates regarding the hurricane and act accordingly based on the advice of your local emergency unit.