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Roofs are important as they protect our home from the weather. Having your roof inspected by a licensed roofing company can help prevent leaks that can damage the home further. When we have a leak inside our home, that usually means that the water has gone through the roofing material, substrate, insulation, and other building materials before reaching your ceiling. This can mean there is a much larger problem at hand. Here are some common roofing problems that you should keep an eye out for.

Chimney Flashing

Sections of “step flashing” that go up the sides of the chimney and “counterflashing” are essential components of good chimney flashing. Counterflashing inserts into chimney grooves and covers the step flashing. Because cutting, fitting, and installing all of those elements takes time, sloppy roofers may cut corners.

Roof sheathing and framing members deteriorate as a result of improperly flashed chimneys. Chimneys must be correctly step-flashed, and counter flashed so that water does not run down the chimney face and into the attic. Water cannot be simply kept out with caulk or roof cement. Crawl into the attic after a big storm if you feel your flashing is faulty. Look for water near the chimney and downhill from it. Water will always run on the path of least resistance and down. Be sure that everything is looking good and dry.

Vent Flashing Failure

The “vent” pipes in your plumbing system run through the roof. And, like every other roof penetration, this might lead to problems. You will need to inspect the area, similar to chimney flashing, to ensure there aren’t any leaks. The best way is to crawl up into the attic. Or contact a professional roofing company to assist.

Extreme Weather Damage

Following a large weather event like a tornado or hurricane, your roof may sustain significant damage due to exposure to the elements or falling branches and limbs. In this situation, if you attempted to repair your roof on your own, you may not recognize the severe damage. You should always call on a professional roofing company to help when your roof has sustained damage due to a storm. Furthermore, removing huge tree limbs without the proper equipment and safety gear can be dangerous. A competent team is essential to repair the damage and remove the trees properly and safely.

Shingles That Are Broken

Shingles with various compositions have varying lifespans and vulnerabilities. A skilled roofer can inspect existing shingle damage and repair or replace it as needed. If you notice your shingles are missing or worn, call a professional right away.

Water Pooling and/or Leaks

If water accumulates on your roof and fails to drain over the course of 2-3 days, a slew of problems is unavoidable. Pooled water can cause shingles to rot and eventually seep into your home’s interior and damage your HVAC system. Water damage can create various issues, from mold growth to structural damage.   If you have found a leak, you need to call on a licensed roofing contractor for help.


If you have spotted an issue with your roof, you need to reach out to a professional roofing company. Roofs will not repair themselves, and a roofing problem left unrepaired only will get worse.